The SVBF Hall Availability Calendar is updated regularly and you can call the Manager if the day you wish to book is vacant. Please contact the Manager as soon as possible as there is every possibility that the hall might be booked in the meantime. We regret the inconvenience if for some reason the hall is unavailable and the calendar is not updated.

Also please note that the reservation is confirmed only after the requested rental is either paid in full or partially. While dates can be held for you, it is not our guarantee if the hall is booked by another patron paying the rental. THE DECISION OF THE SVBF HALL MANAGEMENT IS FINAL IN ALL MATTERS.

Please call Roshan Lal, Manager for all hall enquiries including availability, rental charges, catering, decorations and other arrangements.

Roshan Lal can be reached at 416-829-3647 or 416-307-2140


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For Enquiries Contact
Roshan Lal - 416-307-2140

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